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Why Radiant Heating for your business?


Increase productivity – Warm dry air causes a work force to feel drowsy and lethargic, thus reducing their productivity.

Feel good factor -Radiant Heating produces a more comfortable, natural and consistent level of heating, therefore people feel better; work better and productivity is better.

Healthier working environment – Conventional heating systems create unnecessary movements of air circulating unhealthy dust and germs, increasing the level of absenteeism due to rapid spread of colds, flu and other airborne illnesses. Less time off equals higher overall output and achieving better value for money per individual for your business.

Reduce costs – Radiant Heating heats the work area with a comfortable, natural heat that does not overheat or dry the air. Our state of the art Control System ensures that you are only using energy when required which produces significant savings on your energy costs.

Our selection of high output panels range from 0.9 to 4.5 kilowatts, making them the ideal solution for heating any large or open work space.



Lightweight cassette panels can fit seamlessly into a suspended ceiling grid giving an even, discreet heat that takes up zero floor space.


Radiant Heating Floor Panels

For those awkward locations, keep your workforce warm with our range of heated Work Platforms and Bench Heaters. Our Personal Space Options heat the localised work area without affecting the main atmosphere, ideal for numerous applications throughout any business.

radiant heating floor panels

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