Radiant Heating

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Why Radiant Heating?

  • Radiant heating is 100% natural and is totally compatible with our bodies and our wellbeing.  The human body is perfectly able to accept and emit infrared waves in complete safety.
  • Radiant heating is different to more traditional heating systems because it does not heat the air directly; it heats the fabric of the building and the objects in it.  The fabric of the building can retain heat for longer.
  • Your home will be less prone to condensation, damp and mould because radiant heating warms walls directly and evenly, keeping them dry.
  • Statistics show that a sufficiently insulated property fitted with a radiant heating system and controls can be expected to consume 30-60% less energy than one fitted with an equivalent standard gas central heating system.
  • Your Choice radiant heaters require no maintenance or servicing.
  • Radiant heating is completely free from all carbon emissions.

Which is the best way to heat a room?

radiant heating definition

Conventional Heating vs Radiant Heating

Convection and warm air heating systems cause convection currents which can lead to considerable temperature differences around the room, not to mention stirring up dust and helping spread germs.

A large amount of energy is used to heat the ceiling in order to get a reasonable temperature in the middle levels of the room and we still have a relatively low temperature at the lower levels.


radiant heating concrete floor

Radiant Radiators

The output from radiant heaters is absorbed by objects in the room (walls/ceiling/furniture) which dissipate this energy as heat. A much more even, stable and comfortable temperature is quickly achieved.

Radiant heating works like the sun’s rays.  When you step out of the shade into direct sunlight it immediately feels much warmer even though the air temperature is the same.

Radiators That Are Not Only Efficient But Stylish Too

Radiant heaters come in a range of stylish finishes, from ceiling tiles to wall mirrors, radiant heating is the elegant solution in more ways than one!

Other radiant heating options include:


  • radiant heating panels.
  • radiant heating
  • radiant heating towel rails.


Take a look at some of the beautiful finishes Your Choice can offer you below:

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