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Ensuring you can enjoy your conservatory all year round

Conservatories are a fantastic and popular way to add much needed extra space to your home. If you are planning a new conservatory, read on to find out what features you can include to make sure that you can enjoy your conservatory all year round, whatever the weather.

If you already have a conservatory, there are also changes you can make to improve your enjoyment of it, taking advantage of the latest technology and best products on the market today to reduce the problems many find with overheating and heat loss in older conservatories.


In a new conservatory, the up to date glass coating technology which is now available helps to stop the conservatory getting too hot in the summer. It does this by causing the sun’s rays to reflect off the conservatory. These new coatings also help serve to keep heat in during the winter months, making the temperature inside the conservatory more stable all year round. Keeping heat in during the winter will make the space easier and cheaper to heat. Existing conservatories can also be upgraded with modern glass, making them more energy efficient in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Upgrade your conservatory roof

Older conservatory roofs often make it difficult to use a conservatory comfortably all year round. Heat is lost during the winter, making them cold, difficult and expensive to heat. The same conservatory can overheat quickly in the summer, making it too hot to use comfortably during much of the day.

These problems can be solved by upgrading the conservatory with a 4 Season tiled conservatory roof. With this roof system, the entire roof is removed and replaced with the new roof, which is cool in the summer and cheap to heat in the winter. The multiple layers of specialist insulation and cold proofing in the 4 Season roof deliver the best performing roof available today. The 4 Season Roof is finished with lightweight EnviroTile roof tile which gives year-round protection and correct drainage as well as looking attractive.

Inside, the new conservatory ceiling can be plastered. The newly plastered ceiling transforms the old conservatory into a room which will now blend seamlessly with the rest of the home.

Velux Windows and Fixed Panel Skylights can be added to a 4 Season conservatory roof, ensuring that light will still flood in just where you need it. A conservatory upgraded with a 4 Season conservatory roof will be a comfortable and useful part of your home all year round.

Consider conservatory roof insulation

Eco Hybrid Insulation can be installed following the contours of the existing roof. The insulation is highly effective and it will even reduce rain noise and sun glare on TVs and computer screens, making it far easier to enjoy the conservatory as an extra living space. The conservatory will be warmer in winter and cooler in the summer, with heating bills lowered by the reduced heat loss.

Other improvements

Don’t forget the simple step of checking the doors and windows in your conservatory. Any broken seals should be replaced to reduce heat loss, as should any failed double glazing units. You could consider installing electric heaters if your conservatory does not already have heating for the winter months.

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