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Green Homes Grant Update!

Homeowners in England may now be eligible for £5,000 worth of vouchers to make energy-saving improvements to their properties, this comes into place from September 2020.

On the 4th of August 2020, the government had announced further information covering more detail on the scheme including, which energy-saving measures do the vouchers include? How much could I get in energy-saving vouchers? etc The government released on how you would be able to apply for the certain measures given out.  This proposal is to help benefit others which should help to pay at least two-thirds of the cost of some energy-saving home improvements. Chancellor Rishi Sunak had announced on the government’s scheme and how to support the British economy with 2 £billion Green Homes Grant, stating that the scheme will mean ‘hundreds of pounds off energy bills every year’.

Will I be eligible for the energy-saving vouchers?

The vouchers for the homeowners, including owner-occupiers and social and private landlords, can apply for the vouchers in England, which consist off:

  • Double glazing, energy-efficient doors
  • Heat pumps, solar water heating
  • Insulation.

The vouchers will pay for at least two-thirds of eligible measures up to the value of £5,000. Those on the lowest incomes wouldn’t have to pay anything therefore, some could get the vouchers of up to £10,000 however being able to apply, you’ll need to be in receipt of certain benefits.

Which energy saving measures do the vouchers include?

You must have installed one of these features that allow you to qualify for the vouchers:

  • Insulation: solid wall insulation, cavity wall insulation, under-floor insulation, loft insulation, flat roof insulation, the room in roof insulation, park home insulation.
  • Air source heat pump
  • Ground source heat pump
  • Solar thermal

The vouchers that have been set in place aren’t valid for replacing existing insulation or low-carbon heating however if you install one of these, you can then get vouchers for secondary energy-saving measures such as:

  • Double glazing, triple glazing or secondary glazing (only when it is replacing single glazing)
  • Energy-efficient doors (only replacing not installed before 2020)
  • Hot water tank thermostat or appliance thermostat
  • Hot water tank insulation
  • Smart heating controls, zone controls, thermostatic radiator valves  Draught proofing.

How much could I get in energy-saving vouchers?

The number of vouchers you can get from the scheme are listed in the second group (see above) depending on the amount provided for the first measure. for example, £1,000 worth of vouchers for insulation, then you would be able to get up to £1,000 towards a secondary measure, such as upgrading to double glazing or draught-proofing etc.

How do I apply for Green Homes Grant vouchers?

To apply for a Green Home grant Vouchers, you will have to follow an online application for one of the recommended home improvements that you wish to do. This involves getting a quote from a supplier and having it approved before getting the voucher activated.

In the oncoming months, the government’s may advise some homeowners to get funding for the Grant. This will mean they will be able to apply for vouchers through its online service covering all Postal or phone applications if you cannot access the internet.

In your local area, there will be a registered list tradespeople who could likely to do the work. The registered tradespeople will be MCS registered (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) TrustMark approved to qualify to do the work. Alok Sharma, business and energy secretary, stated that the  ‘ TrustMark scheme will guarantee that building work is completed to a high standard by accredited tradespeople, ensuring consumers are fully protected’ at all times.

How can you make your home more energy efficient with us?


Eco Hybrid Conservatory roof

Having Eco Hybrid installed will make your conservatory a lot more energy-efficient. These are a few of the ways it could benefit you.

  • Reduce your heating bills
  • Get more use out of your unused conservatory
  • Stop sun glare on tv and computer screens
  • No need for planning permission, only 5% VAT
  • 10 years full insurance backed guarantee

Installing energy-efficient glazing you will reduce your energy bills, which in return will save you money. For our glazing for window installations, we use Saint Gobain Glass, because of its exceptional quality and high performance.

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