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How an awning can improve your home?

At any time of the year, it is good to get outside in the garden, but especially if you are entertaining guests, enjoying a lazy afternoon in the sunshine, or having a family barbecue. If you have a conservatory you can always retreat inside if the weather suddenly changes. But if not, don’t get stuck inside when installing an awning can provide great protection from the changeable British weather, while still enjoying the great outdoors.


Awnings are a great investment and have their uses at any time of the year, but especially in the warmer months when you may want to take advantage of sitting outside and enjoying a cool evening breeze. Or maybe you would like to have a designated area where the children can play with their toys in a sheltered space, away from hot sunshine and UV rays or sudden showers. Awnings come in a variety of designs and colours and are manufactured from UV safe materials and waterproof fabrics too. They are a great way to maximise your living space for all generations of the family and, with the availability of beautifully designed weather-proof furniture, an awning can give you a whole new contemporary ‘living space’.

Glass patio roof Weinor Terrazza Pure

Installing a permanent glass patio roof is another option if you are thinking about home improvements and the benefits of installing a permanent patio roof. With a permanently fixed design, such as with the Terrazza pure glass patio roof, you have the choice to leave furniture and possessions outdoors, as with a permanently fixed patio roof. It also has the added advantage that if there is a sudden rainy downpour you don’t have to worry about being around to open it, as in the case of a retractable awning.

Retractable awnings pergotex retractable roof

Retractable awnings are perfect if you want to have more control over when the awning is opened. It could be that you enjoy sunbathing on your patio, for example, but want the flexibility of opening the awning when the sun gets too hot. Or perhaps you like to read outdoors? A retractable awning will deflect any harsh light and make it easier for you to read outdoors.

Outdoor entertaining

Being outdoors is also a great way to entertain your friends, for a drink, or for some al fresco dining, away from a stuffy indoor dining room. But sometimes, depending on the weather, you can be subjected to hot sunshine at the wrong time of the day, or even be driven inside by a sudden evening downpour. Installing an awning, either a permanent or a retractable awning is a great way to provide shelter over your patio, without going to the greater expense of building a conservatory, for example.

So if you have some space around your home such as a patio, installing an awning over it is a great idea, as it will not only give you an extra living area but be a way of investing in your home too. For more information or to get a free no-obligation quote call 0800 169 4822. 

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