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How to clean your conservatory roof

Cleaning your conservatory roof is an essential task to keep it looking at its best and maximise its lifespan.

Always remember to stay safe. It can be hard to reach a conservatory roof but never be tempted to stand on the roof or place a ladder against the conservatory glass. Putting your weight, or the weight of a ladder, on the glass will cause it to break. Invest in a telescopic window cleaning pole to make cleaning your conservatory roof safer and easier.

Avoid cleaning your conservatory on a very hot day, or at midday in the summer. The heat and sun will cause the water to dry too quickly, spoiling your hard work by leaving streaks on the glass!

The first step is to use a soft brush attached to the pole to gently sweep away any moss and debris on the roof. Next, clean the conservatory gutters which may be full of leaves, moss and other debris. It is important that the gutters are clean so that water can flow away properly. You can use a gutter-cleaning attachment on your telescopic pole or a gutter cleaning vacuum.

Using a telescopic window cleaning pole means that you stay safely on the ground while you clean. These poles can either be water fed or manual. The water fed poles attach to a hosepipe and the water is pumped up to the brush. Manual poles will take a little longer to use because you need to dip them in a bucket of warm soapy water rather than having the water fed to the brush for you. With a manual pole you will also need to make sure that you replace the water in the bucket frequently so that you are not spreading dirty water onto the roof. Whichever type of pole you choose, you can use the soft brush to gently scrub dirt and moss from the roof.

Once you have washed the roof and frame, rinse with fresh water if needed to remove any remaining soap foam which will cause marks when it dries. Remove as much water as you can from the roof with the squeegee attachment and leave it to dry.

If you do decide to use a ladder, make sure that it is resting on level ground at the bottom and a solid surface such as a wall at the top. Always use ladders safely and consider wearing a safety helmet.

Many of us now have pressure washers for cleaning cars, bikes and patios. It is best to avoid using pressure washers on conservatories, however, because the jet of water can be incredibly strong. You do not want to risk breaking the seals on the glass frames or damaging the surface of the uPVC.

You do not need harsh chemicals to clean a conservatory roof. Soap and water, or a cup of vinegar in your water, will do the job and you won’t risk damaging the conservatory.

Finish your cleaning session by checking all the locks and hinges and lubricating them if necessary.

If instead you are looking for a new conservatory all together head to our conservatories page

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