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How to update an old conservatory

Many conservatories added in the past to British homes suffer from a number of problems. The good news is that there are options available to update your old conservatory to make it a modern, flexible space which is comfortable and pleasant to use all year round.

The problems homeowners routinely experience with old conservatories include leaking due to old joints which have weathered, cracks from ground movement due to shallow foundations and extreme fluctuations of the temperature inside the conservatory, making it too cold to use comfortably in the winter, and far too hot in the summer.

Unsurprisingly, many homeowners look to update an old conservatory to make it comfortable and usable for them. There are several popular ways to do this:

1. Update the existing structure by adding a solid tiled roof

Our 4 Season Tiled Roof gives your conservatory a completely new, modern tiled roof. The new roof will keep the conservatory cool in the summer and make it cheap to heat during the winter, thanks to its excellent insulation. When the system is installed, the old roof is removed and replaced completely with the new 4 Season Roof, which combines cold proofing techniques and specialist roof insulation to deliver the best performing roof available. The roof is finished with lightweight EnviroTile, constructed from recycled materials. The whole system ensures correct drainage and is guaranteed for 25 years.

Inside, the conservatory is transformed by a plastered ceiling which helps it to blend into the rest of your home seamlessly. Light can continue to flood into the conservatory with Velux windows and Fixed Panel Skylights.

2. Add Eco Hybrid Roof Insulation

Many existing conservatories have polycarbonate or glass roofs which are extremely poor at insulation, allowing too much heat to escape in winter and making the inside of the conservatory too hot in the summer. Our Eco Hybrid Insulation follows the contours of the existing roof, meaning that no noticeable interior height is lost. It can usually be installed in just one day, resulting in a space which is pleasant and attractive to use all year around. An added bonus is that the insulation reduces noise from rainfall.

3. Check window units, door units and seals

If the old glazing is cracked or the seals are broken, replacing these may improve the performance of your conservatory. It is also sensible to check that all door and window locks are functioning correctly.

If the structure of your old conservatory is no longer desirable or suitable and you decide to replace the conservatory completely, the Weinor Glasoasen Glass Room is an excellent option. The Glasoasen room allows you to create a seamless transition from your home to your garden with a patio roof which is enclosed using all glass elements, creating a stunning modern look. The Glass Room includes frameless soft-slide glass doors which open easily and even a retracting sunscreen and energy-efficient LED lighting. The Glass Room is designed to fit each individual site so can be used even in odd-shaped gardens.

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