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Keeping a consistent temperature in your conservatory across the seasons

Conservatories are justifiably popular with homeowners. A conservatory adds much needed extra space to your home, allowing you to use it flexibly for anything from extra living space or a dining room to a home office or gym. Light-filled conservatories are available to suit every style and age of property.

However, many people find that their conservatory is less than ideal for use all year round. The materials traditionally used to build conservatories, glass and polycarbonate, are poor insulators. This means that in the winter, far too much heat escapes through the glazing materials, making the conservatory uncomfortably cold and both difficult and expensive to heat. On the other hand, in the summer the glazing acts as a greenhouse to trap the heat of the sun, making the space too hot to use comfortably without expensive air conditioning.

With a house move involving expense and inconvenience, many homeowners look to take advantage of the space already within their homes by improving their existing conservatories to make them a comfortable temperature all year around. This gives families the extra flexible space they are looking for.

Consider improving your conservatory roof

Traditionally, the biggest cause of overheating and heat loss in a conservatory is the roof. With a modern conservatory, up to date glazing materials and technology gives far better insulation and helps to avoid these problems. You may wish to upgrade to better glazing to help keep the temperature inside your conservatory more stable.

Replace a glazed roof with a Four Seasons tiled conservatory roof

Our Four Seasons tiled conservatory roof system replaces the glazed roof with a solid system. The old conservatory roof is removed and replaced with the system which includes multiple layers of specialist conservatory roof insulation. Our cold proofing techniques combine to deliver the best performing roof available. The system is topped with the lightweight EnviroTile roof tile, which is engineered to give correct drainage and year-round protection. The EnviroTile is made from recycled materials, meaning it has excellent eco-credentials.

The look of your conservatory is enhanced by the internal plastered ceiling. This means the transition to the space from the rest of your home is seamless. The conservatory is made light and airy by the use of Velux Windows and Fixed Panel Skylights, which allow light to continue to flood in without compromising thermal efficiency. LED spotlights can be included in the ceiling for a seamless modern look.

Install Internal Conservatory Roof Insulation

A further option is to install our internal Eco-Hybrid conservatory roof insulation, which can be fitted in just one day. This insulation transforms your conservatory into a space which can be used comfortably year-round by reducing heat loss in the winter and at night time, and heat gain during warmer weather. The Eco-Hybrid conservatory roof insulation is an internally fitted insulated false ceiling. It has a very thin profile, meaning that ceiling height is not lost. It is excellent at insulating both heat and sound, and the insulation is disguised from the outside with heat reflective film.

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