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Lockdown Home: what changes will really add value to your home?

So lockdown has come around again and you have found yourself with some extra time on your hands and you have noticed a few things could be better around the house. If you play your cards right, using this time well could really improve your living space and add value to your home.

Why not start with the exterior of your home? This is the first thing any prospective buyers will see, so it makes sense to think about any changes you can make here first. Regardless of the time of year, there are many simple improvements you can make to increase your home’s value in a cost-effective way. Start by looking at the other houses in your neighbourhood – what can you do to make your own home look just that little bit better? Could you get your front door repainted, for example? Be sure to remove any weeds and if you can add a few potted plants to add interest. They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but this is certainly an exception to the rule. When it comes to adding value to your home, first appearances count.

While this might not be a good time to plan a whole extension to your home, you can certainly think about ways to make your living space bigger. How could you repurpose the space you already have? One option might be to merge two existing rooms into one. A kitchen and dining room, for example, to make a trendy open-plan space. Do some research into other homes in your area to find out how your home compares and how you can add value.

If you haven’t redecorated your home for a while you might be surprised to see what a difference a lick of paint can make to the look and feel of the place. A bright, airy living space will appeal to any future buyer. Light neutral colours are always on trend and will make the place look and feel both bigger and full of promise.

One particular room in your house which will likely really benefit from a facelift is your kitchen. While replacing the whole kitchen is sure to increase the value of the home, you might think about repainting the kitchen cupboards, replacing the handles and silicone sealant, or even retiling your splashback area. All these small things will add up to make your kitchen look more expensive, as well as making the space feel fresh and clean.

One of the top things people look at when choosing a new house is how energy efficient it is or can be. If you can improve your home’s EPC rating you can save prospective buyers the trouble and show them not only potential but real, tangible worth. Simple things that make a big difference include draught-proofing, adding eco hybrid conservatory roof insulation (ideal for keeping the home warmer during the colder months), having your boiler serviced or upgraded, and adding a smart meter. One surprising improvement than can increase the value of your home by up to 2% is to add an electric vehicle charging point – a great way to future-proof your home.

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