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Looking into solid roof installation? – Planning permission advice

Are you looking into a solid roof installation? Here is what you will need to know about planning permission.

Conservatories are wonderful for creating more space in your home, however, does your conservatory get too hot in the sunshine and hot weather? Or is it too cold when temperatures drop outside? Maybe it allows to much noise in when you’re trying to relax? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you may be considering swapping your old glass roof for a more sustainable, solid roof installation, with weather resistance, greater durability as well as sound-absorbing qualities.

When you’re looking into solid roof installations for your old conservatory, the need for planning permission may be overlooked. However, in some cases, it is a requirement. In considering changing your glass roof for a solid roof, an expert firm such as Your Choice can help you with the process and advise on what you need to do to make sure your conservatory’s new roof is following all the rules.

Here are some key points that you need to know about planning permission when updating roofs on conservatories.

Have You Got Building Regulations Approval?

Swapping roofs on conservatories from old glass roofs to a solid roof requires adherence to Building Regulations.

Do You Already Have Planning Permission?

In swapping from a glass or translucent roof on your conservatory to a solid roof installation, you are converting your conservatory into a permanent structure with a permanent roof. This means that a ‘change of use’ applies to what was a ‘temporary’ extension on your property. It is likely that you will need to obtain planning permission for this change. If you already got planning approval for your extension when it was first built, but you are going from a translucent roof to a solid roof, you are going to need to submit a planning application and full building regulations application to be able to make this change following the rules.

Do You Need Planning Permission?

When you first had your conservatory built, did it fall within Permitted Development Rights? If it was under this category it would not have needed planning permission. With solid roof installation, however, your home’s extended structure will probably not fall under Permitted Development Rights, and you will need to therefore require planning permission before making changes to your conservatory’s roof.

Check with your Local Council’s Building Control Department

While it can be difficult to work out exactly what permissions you need – or already have – your local council’s building control department can help you to identify any required permissions. Alternatively, professionals such as Your Choice can handle the process on your behalf.

One alternative to going through this process is by choosing an Eco Hybrid Conservatory Roof Insulation from Your Choice, for which you will not require any planning permission and from which you can still reap the benefits of reducing your heating bills, soundproofing your conservatory, as well as having a cooler conservatory in hotter weather, and warmer conservatory in colder weather.

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