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Making the best use of the outdoor areas in your hospitality business

Hospitality businesses around the country are keen to adapt and expand their commercial premises. Outdoor areas sit squarely at the top of the list for restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels and cafes to maximise their earning potential.

Installing a retractable roofing system for a commercial outdoor space is a lucrative investment that provides a stable environment for customers and a steady source of revenue for the business.

Retractable roofing is defined by its ability to open and close electronically. The roof is retracted on a tracking system to expose some or all of the space below to the elements. Customers enjoy the solid UV, wind and rain protection while enjoying the fresh air and creature comforts. Retractable roofing systems provide a multitude of advantages for the hospitality industry including:

– Robust weatherproofing for erratic UK weather

– Solid returns on investment costs with extra revenue generated by the availability of year-round outdoor area

– Ideal branding and marketing opportunity

– Flexibility of retractable roofing options as well as integrated guttering funnelling rainwater away from the outdoor space

– Opportunity to include outdoor heating, lighting and other creature comforts

Weinor Pergotex Commercial Retractable Roof

The Weinor Pergotex retractable roof system offers a host of attractive benefits for the hospitality industry. This robust retractable roofing system is operated by the touch of a button and includes integrated heating and lighting, and solid weatherproofing including UV protection and wind protection.

Custom-fit to precise specifications, the Pergotex retractable roof is accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes. The durable self-sustaining powder-coated aluminium framing is available in a variety of patterned styles in over 50 colours. Peace of mind is assured with a full insurance guarantee for a decade.

Easy to operate and maintain, retractable roofing systems provide opportunities to increase brand awareness through advertising and build community spirit as a customer focal point. Less messy, time-consuming and costly than going down the road of constructing an extension.

Outdoor spaces across the hospitality industry are notoriously overlooked. A retractable roof expands your premises by creating a contemporary, sleek outdoor area where customers want to congregate, whatever the weather. The efficacy of a retractable roof system enables bars, hotels, cafes and pubs to forecast revenue efficiently and consider using the outdoor area as a bespoke, intimate event space. Revenue opportunities abound to provide a solid investment return.

Today’s customer seeks a combination of creature comforts, practicality and visual appeal. Retractable roofing systems boast state-of-the-art innovation and elegant contemporary designs. The flexibility of the roofing system means every aspect of the weather is covered (pun intended).

Guests love the aesthetics, comfort and security provided by al fresco gatherings. The ability to adjust the roofing with the moving sunshine or sudden cloudburst (without worrying about rainwater drenching customers seated below!) is transformational for many hospitality businesses.

Revitalising an outdoor area with a reputable retractable roofing system liberates cafes, bars, hotels and pubs from weather worries. They are able to focus on what they do best: providing their guests with a fantastic alfresco hospitality experience.

For more information about the Weinor Retractable Roofs for commercial premises visit our dedicated page here: Pergotex Retractable Roof Commercial

Weinor Pergotex Commercial Retractable Roof

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