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Mistakes to avoid when building a conservatory

Conservatories are an incredibly popular way in which to improve your home. Make sure that you maximise your conservatory’s potential by avoiding some common mistakes.

Not planning ahead

Taking some time at the planning stage will pay dividends later. Think about how you will use your conservatory and how big it needs to be. Remember that sofas need room around them and if you plan to use the conservatory as a dining area, you need room to pull out the chairs to sit down.

Don’t forget to measure up any furniture you will be buying or using in the conservatory. It can be tempting to choose the smallest possible conservatory but you may regret this when you find yourself wishing that you had just 50 centimetres more space to walk around your dining table or room to add a coffee table as well as a sofa.

Conservatories are a versatile and cost-effective way to add space and value to your home. Make the most of the extra space by thinking about how the conservatory will link with the rest of the house. Will you need to replace flooring in adjacent rooms, or reconfigure furniture to flow from one room to another? Check whether you need to include any solid walls in your conservatory.

Failing to check planning requirements

Once you have decided on the size and style of your conservatory, check whether planning permission is required. Some conservatories do not need planning permission but this is not always the case. You should be especially careful if your property is listed, or you live in a conservation area but the size, height and distance to neighbouring buildings can all be factors. Failure to obtain any required planning permission will be time-consuming and costly to put right.

Not integrating your outside space

Think about how you will landscape the surrounding area to give a good flow between the house and garden. The area immediately surrounding the conservatory will need to be cleared before you start work so this gives you the perfect opportunity to think about a new patio to link the conservatory and garden, perhaps.

One of the greatest benefits of conservatories is that they help to bring the outdoors inside, giving you wonderful views of your garden. Think about the view and how you might need to position windows, doors and any solid walls to make the most of it.

Forgetting climate control

Another benefit of conservatories is that they heat up fast, allowing you to enjoy early and late season sunshine in comfort. However, if you have not included measures for climate control, you may find your conservatory too hot in the peak of summer, and cooler than ideal in the winter.

Our Eco Hybrid Conservatory Roof Insulation will help to control the heat in the summer and maintain a comfortable temperature in the winter. You may also wish to include heating for the winter such as radiators or underfloor heating. Putting some time into planning this will mean that you are able to enjoy your conservatory all year round.

If you follow these simple tips you can be confident that once work is complete you will be able to enjoy your new conservatory to its full potential.

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