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New development rules will accelerate two storey planning permission

Extending your home is a fabulous way of gaining the extra space needed for a growing family, working from home or caring for relatives without the expense and stress of a house move. In the past, some single-storey extensions fell within the permitted development rights exempting homeowners from the need to apply for full planning permission but two-storey extensions required prior planning approval.

As from 31 August, the planning process has been reformed, meaning that in many cases the previous rules which required planning permission for two-storey extensions no longer apply. Two-storey extensions may now fall within ‘Permitted Development’. This is excellent news for homeowners considering an extension.

Can I use Permitted Development for my two storey extension?

The broad outline of the new rules is that if you own a house, whether that is terraced, detached or semi-detached, you can now use Permitted Development rights to add a two-storey extension. As with so many planning issues, there are certain conditions which need to be fulfilled if you want to use permitted development: the right only applies to houses built between 1 July 1948 and 5 March 2018 so if you own an older home or a very new home you will still have to go through the normal planning process. You will also need to apply for planning permission in the usual way if your home is in a conservation area or your proposed extension does not fulfil the other criteria.

What do I need to look out for?

There are height restrictions on a new extension if it is to fall within permitted development. The proposed extension when completed, must make the building no more than 18m high. The ceiling height within the additional storey added by the extension must not be taller than either 3m or the ceiling height in the pre-existing property, and the extension itself must not be more than 7m high including the roof.

Homeowners do still need to obtain prior approval for a two-storey extension but this is a fast-tracked version of the planning process. The prior approval process involves submitting your plans to the Local Authority for them to check that the development is acceptable. Neighbours are also notified and have the right to object to the proposals.

Increase the value of your property

A home extension allows homeowners to add the extra space they need, tailored to the way they and their family will use the property. Not only that, but an extension will also increase the value of your property if and when you decide to sell. A two-storey extension can allow you to add both communal living space and extra bedroom accommodation within the same project, making it particularly useful.

If you would like further information about the options available to you to extend your home, contact Your Choice today. We offer a full design and build service, taking you all the way from consultation about your needs to producing the design through to final completion of the project.

The new permitted development rights make adding an extension to your home more straightforward than ever for many property owners. You can find official information on the planning permissions via the government website here:

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