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New permitted rule for fast-track extensions!

The new rules relating to permitted developments have come as good news for homeowners across the United Kingdom in need of more space at home. If you are looking to create additional space in your homes by building an extension then read on!

What are the new permitted development rights?

Many types of building work require planning permission. The exception is work which falls under the ‘permitted development’ exceptions. From August 31, 2020, these permitted development rights have been extended by the government, meaning that home extensions of more than one storey which previously required planning permission may now fall under permitted development.

How does this affect homeowners looking to extend their properties?

The new rules allow homeowners to build extensions of more than one storey. Homeowners still need to obtain prior approval of the development plans, but this is a very much shortened procedure compared to full planning permission which would previously have been needed. It is likely to be far quicker and cheaper for homeowners to obtain this approval, leaving them more in their budget for the actual building work and allowing them to get on with the work more quickly. Many commentators are referring to the new rules as a ‘fast track’ through the often complex and time-consuming planning process.

What are the limitations of the new rules?

The first thing to be aware of is that the new rules only benefit owners of properties built between July 1948 and March 2018, so if you own an older home or a very new property you will still need to follow the old planning rules if you are considering an extension of more than one storey.

The rules apply to detached, semi-detached and terraced properties. If your existing property is only one storey, for example, a bungalow, then you can only add one extra storey upwards. For properties of two storeys or more, two extra storeys can be added. There are still some height restrictions which apply to the new extensions.

The new rules do not allow you simply to go ahead with an extension once you have had plans drawn up. You do need to obtain prior approval from your local planning authority. They will, as part of the process, notify your neighbours and your neighbours do still have the right to object. This is a necessary balance in the system because of course, a neighbour’s extension could also affect you.

A fast track through the planning process is fantastic news for homeowners looking to add extra space to their property. Full height extensions can be particularly useful because your extension can include extra living, dining and/or office space on the ground floor as well as an extra bedroom and bathroom space upstairs. This makes such extensions ideal to make the maximum possible use of the footprint available.

Your choice specialises in making your extension dreams a reality. Whatever type of extension you are looking for, we offer a full design and build service, taking you all the way from your initial ideas to completion of your beautiful, high-quality extension. Find out more about an extension from Your Choice here:

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