Eco Hybrid Insulation

Conservatory Insulation

Has your conservatory become the dumping ground in your home. Are you or a loved one always complaining that “it’s too cold in Winter” or ‘too hot in Summer!”.

  • Quick one day installation
  • Inert (wont burn) & sound proof
  • Cool in the summer, warm in the winter
  • Choice of ceiling finishes
  • Reduce your heating bills
  • Stop sun glare on TV and computer screens
  • No need for planning permission, only 5% VAT
  • 10 Years full insurance backed guarantee (DGCOS)

There are approximately 8 million conservatories in the UK. The vast majority have polycarbonate or glass roofs, which are extremely poor insulators. Due to this, the majority of conservatories remain underused because they are, by nature, hard to maintain at a comfortable temperature for any length of time.

The average cost of constructing a conservatory is around £10,000, with additional money spent every year on heating & air conditioning costs for the room. With this amount of money invested, it is hard to justify not using the space as you intended – such as for social gatherings, informal dining, relaxed reading or just lazily enjoying the garden.

Our revolutionary Eco-Hybrid Conservatory Roof Insulation turns your wasted conservatory into a year-round useable space thanks to our breakthrough insulation.

Eco-Hybrid Insulation eliminates the need for thick, bulky fibreglass insulation by using our slim profile version, which includes our performance-enhancing double reflective foil coating!

The insulation is installed to follow the contours of your existing roof; we then internally clad the inside of your vaulted ceiling with white uPVC shiplap cladding creating a light an airy interior for your conservatory.

The Added benefits of this the Eco-Hybrid Conservatory Roof Insulation is that it reduces rain noise due to the insulation having similar properties to the materials used in sound recording studios. Our insulation is constructed using inert materials meaning that is highly fire retardant.

The addition of conservatory roof insulation provides a room that you can comfortably enjoy all-year-round. With a usual install time of just one day and competitive pricing, it’s no surprise that we have over 5,000 happy Eco Hybrid Conservatory Roof Insulation installs!

Watch our Ecohybrid Video