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Eco Hybrid Conservatory Roof Insulation

Conservatory Insulation

Our revolutionary insulation will allow you to use your conservatory all-year-round!

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  • Quick one day installation
  • Inert (wont burn) & sound proof
  • Cool in the summer, warm in the winter
  • Choice of ceiling finishes
  • Reduce your heating bills
  • Stop sun glare on TV and computer screens
  • No need for planning permission, only 5% VAT
  • 10 Years full insurance backed guarantee (DGCOS)

There are approximately 10 million conservatories in the UK in an array of styles, from Edwardian to Lean-to. The vast majority of these have a polycarbonate or glass roofs. Which even with a new conservatory roof, are extremely poor insulators.

As a conservatory owner you are aware of the downsides. It’s either freezing in Winter or boiling in Summer. On top of this, you pay additional money every year on heating & even air conditioning costs. With these expenses mounting year-on-year, alongside the investment you’ve already spent on installing your conservatory, it’s hard to justify not using this space throughout the year?

To create a conservatory with a warm roof (one that’s constructed with highly effective insulation), you may think you’re limited to an insulated tiled replacement roof. See our 4 Season Roof System or a new flat roof replacement.

Our Eco Hybrid Insulation offers an investment solution to turn your unused conservatory into a room you’ll want to use every day. That creates a place that’s not only cooler in Summer but warmer in Winter!

Our Eco-Hybrid Insulation is designed to eliminate the need for thick, bulky fibreglass insulation. Instead, this new insulation is a composite of inert materials contained within a performance-enhancing reflective foil shell.

The installation follows the contours of your existing roof, so you don’t lose any noticeable height from your ceiling. Creating a light and airy interior for your conservatory; that we usually install in just one day!

The insulation reduces rain noise, as it shares similar properties to the materials used in recording studio’s sound insulation. An additional safety benefit is that our insulation is highly flame retardent!

We’re proud to have over 5,000 happy Eco Hybrid Conservatory Roof Insulation installations, get yours today!

We Cater For ALL Types of Conservatories

Types of conservatory

Case Study

Our customers had a large conservatory that was being underutilised due to it being too cold in winter and unbearably hot in summer.

We provided the different options that our customers could have to create a year-round useable space, either a lightweight tiled roof or our internal conservatory insulation. Our customers decided the internal insulation option best fitted their needs.

Our internal conservatory insulation product is an internally fitted insulated false ceiling that utilises the same insulation that is used to line aircraft and sound recording studios. It is used due to its thin profile, which means you don’t lose any ceiling height. We then finish the internal ceiling in uPVC cladding and use and heat reflective film to disguise the insulation from outside!

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