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Your Personal Sanctuary

An orangery is an exceptional way to add value to your home. Make use of your new space in a variety of ways, whether as a dining room, kids play-room or personal sanctuary – Orangeries are guaranteed to make your house feel like a home.


  • Cost effective way to add value to your home
  • Unique lantern-style roof allowing light to flood your home
  • A–Rated glass for more comfort/heat retention
  • Offers more versatility than both a conservatory and extension
  • It can usually be fitted without planning permission
  • 10 Years full insurance backed guarantee (DGCOS)

An orangery is an excellent way of combining the needs of an extension, such as the added security and brick structures with the light and openness of a conservatory.

Here at Your Choice our customers often ask us “what’s the difference between a conservatory and an orangery?”

Orangeries traditionally have solid brick pillars, large windows with a glass lantern roof within a flat roof perimeter. If this roof style doesn’t meet your needs we can offer multiple roof options to personalise your Orangery to suit your style!

A welcome addition to any orangery is our “multi-slide doors”. The unique design allows you to open one wall of your Orangery, allowing you to bring outside inside – perfect for entertaining family and friends!

Your Choice Orangeries also come with a wide variety of insulating and heating options ensuring your orangery stays hot during winter and cool during summer.

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