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Weinor Awnings

High-quality sun protection that is always suitable

Resilient and long-lasting: Weinor folding arm awnings are a combination of high-calibre design and premium technology.

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  • Excellent quality and design
  • LongLife arm, guaranteed for over 100,000 cycles
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Wind lock safety device prevents awning from being lifted by wind
  • Fabrics are extremely durable and resistant to UV rays, Oil, water, dirt and rot

Depending on where you want to install your awning, the desired level of convenience and awning features, you can choose from three awning categories.

The cassette keeps the awning fabric and mechanism as safe as houses – the perfect solution if you’re looking for the best-possible way to protect your awning.

Semi-cassette awnings
On the semi-cassette awning, the fabric as well as the mechanical parts for the awning roof and re- tracted drop profile are tucked away safe and sound. For added protection compared to an open awning.

Open awnings
An open awning is at the entry level to weinor’s awning world. It is a suitable option if there is an overhang or balcony to protect the awning from the elements.

Design is a question of style – uncompromisingly beautiful shape whether classic or modern, weinor awnings stand out for their high-quality materials and aesthetic look and shape.
The result is ultramodern technology in a contemporary design. Feel free to choose the awning that best meets your personal tastes and furnishings.

For many years now, weinor has consistently driven innovation in terms of awning design. weinor sets the standards with design and technological features.

Technical Highlights

Atmospheric LED lighting

Every awning is optionally available with integrated LED lighting or different light bars. Powerful LED spotlights cast a pleasant, warm white light even when the awning is retracted. Operate and dim your awning using weinor BiConnect radio control.

LongLife arm

The appeal of the low-noise weinor LongLife arm is its very high tension force – even in gusty conditions. This ensures the fabric is exceptionally well positioned.

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