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Weinor Pergotex Retractable Roof Commercial

More Covers… Whatever The Weather

Expand your restaurant or bar at the touch of a button

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  • Wind Stable
  • Rain Proof
  • Integrated LED Lighting
  • Infra-Red Heating
  • Extendable with lateral all-glass elements
  • Width x projection (max.): 7 m x 6.5 m
  • Choice of 56 frame colours
  • 10 Years full insurance backed guarantee

Our revolutionary electronic retracting patio roof instantly transforms your outdoor spaces into a fully utilised space for all your customers to enjoy.

We provide turn-key solutions to expanding your restaurant or bar at the touch of a button without the cost of planning permission or an extension!

Don’t miss the opportunity to increase your revenue by increasing the number of covers for your restaurant & bar.

With the remote-controlled electronic retracting roof you can control the projection of the roof to create the ideal environment for your customers.

Join the ever-growing demand to provide comfortable al-fresco experiences for your business. Further, enhance your retractable roof by adding integrated adjustable LED lighting and highly efficient infra-red heating providing a welcoming environment that your customers will want to enjoy well into the evening – whatever the weather!

The Pergotex Retractable roof is tailor-made to your exacting specifications, meaning they can be used in a wide variety of settings from small to large areas thanks to its modular construction.

The tough PVC Roof Material comes in a host of modern and classic patterns along with a stunning array of solid colours. Constructed to be tear-resistant, every element of these roofs are made to stand the test of time and any weather thrown at it.

Find out how quickly you could get a Return On Investment on your new Weinor Retractable Roof with the below calculator. Follow the instructions and contact Your Choice on 0800 169 4822 to find out what your paypack period is on your investment. We know you’ll be amazed by how quickly you can generate more revenue for your business.
How many extra people can you cater for with the conversion/extension
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Technical Highlights

Retractable Roof System

The Weinor PergoTex II Cabrio-Folding System is rain-proof, wind stable and completely retractable.

Integrated Drainage

Controlled water flow-off from the aluminium fabric protection roof laterally over the transport profile in the large gutter in the front area.

Aluminium Profiles

We use the highest quality aluminium profiles, which are powdered coated in a wide choice of colours.

Variable Water Expulsion

The two-part implementation of the post makes possible the individual adaptation of the height of the water expulsion during the onsite assembly.

HighPower LED-Spots

By request, dimmable HighPower LED-single spots can be integrated into the horizontal rails.

Modular system

Featuring a modular design, easily extending and retrofitted, e.g. with all-glass wall elements and vertical awnings.

Case Study

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Head Office (South)

Housing Units

Head Office

Housing Units