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Weinor Terrazza Pure Glass Patio Roof

The cubic glass patio roof

The Perfect Weather Protection Solution


  • New Rectangular Construction
  • Elegant Decorative Strips
  • Exemplary lighting concept with coloured LED
  • Terrazza Pure can be extended with a full-glass sliding door, conservatory awning and the VertiTex II vertical awning.
  • Easy installation

Terrazza Pure is the perfect weather protection solution to bring as much light as possible to patios in Northern and Central European regions with less sun and more rain – and all in an elegant cubic design. The new cubic glass patio roof design is something really special: as the combination of its cubic shape and glass-covered roof is only offered by a few manufacturers on the market in a quality that doesn’t come close to weinor’s.

Terrazza Pure is bursting with clever innovations that will impress. The rectangular design harmonises perfectly with linear architecture, however old the building is. With the new lighting concept, you can design your patio to suit your personal
tastes and there is a huge variety of possible colour combinations. This also applies to the new anodised aluminium decorative strips for the posts and roof supports.

Terrazza Pure is one of the highest quality cubic patio roofs on the market with straight roof supports and fixed, supported glass supports for an integrated glass slope.

Thanks to its cubic design, there are no slopes between the wall bracket and front guttering.

Terrazza Pure can be fitted with innovative coloured LED strips and decorative strips, among other things.

The glazing elements (GE) and sun protection can be easily fitted under the roof supports and roof gutter without any slopes.

Technical Highlights

New rectangular shape

For modern architecture and excellent head clearance heights even with low wall brackets.

Side roof supports

Can be individually fitted with decorative strips.

Innovative roof support design

Decorative strips in trend colours or the frame colour.

High-quality colour LED strip.

LED strips and decorative strips can be freely combined.

Attractive post design

Decorative strips in trend colours or the frame colour.

High-quality 400 colour LED strip below.

High-quality 1600 colour LED strip above.

Innovative glass support system

Flush, proven to be stable, secure and watertight.

Reliable drainage with linear look at the same time.

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