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Should you move or improve your home?

At some point, most homeowners find that their once ideal property needs improvement. Our families grow and our lives change, so a property which once may have seemed spacious now isn’t fit for changing needs. If you need more space, you may decide to look for a larger property but for many of us improving our existing home is a far better option.

Why improve rather than move?

Moving house is really expensive. By the time you have added up stamp duty, removal costs, survey and valuation costs, estate agents fees to sell your property and conveyancing charges, the average homeowner in the UK will spend in excess of £10,000. That is before you take into account the additional ongoing mortgage costs of a larger property.

If you already like your location, improving your property rather than moving makes a lot of sense. You can put the money that you would have spent on moving towards improving your home to meet your current and future needs. Moving home is also stressful, expensive and uncertain. Many property transactions fall through, leaving buyers and sellers disappointed and out of pocket. If you decide to improve your existing home, you can remain in control throughout the process.

Another advantage of improving is that many improvements will add value to your property. They will also make your property more attractive, meaning it should be easier and quicker for you to find a buyer if you do eventually decide to move.

How can I improve my property?

There are many different ways to improve your property to meet the needs of a growing family or a changing lifestyle. Extensions and improvements such as loft conversions and garage conversions are ideal to add an extra bedroom for a child, a luxurious master suite for the adults to relax in or a home office to work from home.

A side or rear extension can provide the ideal opportunity to add a large open plan family kitchen and dining area as preferred by so many families today. Orangeries and conservatories can be used for any number of uses, for example as a dining area, additional family living space, a gym or home office.

Don’t forget about making the most of your garden area. Many people overlook improvements to their outside space which can make a radical difference as to how they use and enjoy their homes. Adding a garden room, for example, provides a versatile extra space which can be used all year round. Garden rooms can be used for a playroom, home office, art studio, home gym or music room amongst many other uses.

Alternatively, our Weinor glass rooms help you enjoy your outside space throughout more of the year, sheltering you from wind and rain and allowing you to be shielded by retractable sunshades on the hottest days.

However, you decide to improve your property Your Choice can help. We are experts in improving properties to help you make the most of your existing home.

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