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Upgrade your conservatory with a Solid Roof

Owners of traditional conservatories know only too well the frustration of unbearably hot conditions in summer and freezingly cold in winter so much so that the conservatory spends much of the year empty.

Over the last few years, possibly thanks to lockdowns, conservatory owners have been looking at ways to upgrade their conservatory to allow the use of the room all year round.

Putting a proper roof on a conservatory can create a room with significant benefits. A modern high-performance glass roof can help to control and maintain temperatures that are acceptable, but to create a more permanent room that effectively becomes an integral part of the house, a solid tiled roof is the answer.

The uplift in demand for solid roof upgrades has seen the introduction of several new options on the market, and as usual, some are much better than others. A quick fix solution is the ‘clad over’, where tiles and possibly insulation are added to the existing glass roof. The alternative solution is a completely new replacement solid tiled roof.

There is always the temptation to go for a quick fix, low-cost solution which might produce a short-term improvement, but you need to be sure you are making a sound investment. It is generally accepted that conservatories do not have a big impact on house values so any further investment should add real value to your home – so how can you achieve that?

By enhancing your conservatory with a new solid tiled roof you can expect to transform your conservatory into an extended living area with better heat retention capacity, improved energy efficiency, acoustic insulation, durable and weather-resistant exterior, and attractive appearance. Solid roof systems such as the 4 Seasons Conservatory Tiled Roof system have been designed and fully tested for structural integrity, condensation risk, and insulation performance.

This means that they can easily obtain building control approval, thereby providing complete reassurance for the homeowner. A conservatory that is not only thermally efficient but cost-effective to heat, and you can even add Velux windows or fixed panel skylights for that traditional conservatory feel without any heat loss.

In contrast, Cladovers, which are a mixture of components added to the existing roof, cannot offer the same structural integrity as a purpose-designed solid roof since the original roof was never designed to take additional weight. Wrapping the existing roof in insulation and tiles does not address the issues of ventilation and condensation, and perhaps most important of all does not have the benefit of already being building compliant.

A solid roof will make your conservatory feel more like an integral part of your home rather than just a bit of additional space, but you’ll still benefit from great natural light from the glass walls. By adding a new solid timber-framed roof that is purpose-made for your conservatory that comes with insulation and tiles and is building regulations compliant, you will be adding an extra room to your home that is fully usable all year round for a multitude of uses. What better way to increase the value of your home and make it more saleable if you wish to sell in the future?

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