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Upgrading a conservatory to an extension

If you already have a conservatory, you will know how useful the extra space can be. However, older conservatories can be less practical spaces and may need upgrading or replacing. If you are planning to swap your conservatory for an extension, here are some points to think about.

Can I simply change or add to the conservatory?

This is definitely an option for many homeowners. You might want to upgrade glazing, or install a new conservatory roof to improve the look and thermal efficiency of the conservatory. A new, well-insulated conservatory roof with an internal ceiling can help to give the room the look of an extension rather than a traditional glazed conservatory.

What are the benefits of improving my conservatory?

If you upgrade your existing conservatory, you will benefit from our modern insulation technology. This will make the extra space in your home more comfortable to use all year around. It will be cooler in the summer due to the insulation reflecting away heat, and warmer in the winter. Upgrading an existing structure is likely to be quicker and less disruptive than creating a new extension.

When should I swap my conservatory for an extension?

If you need more space than your current conservatory provides it could be time to think about extending your home. As an added bonus, an extension will almost certainly increase the value of your property as well as providing the extra space you need. It can also make your home more appealing to buyers, making it easier and faster to sell when the time comes.

An extension can provide greater versatility, allowing you to add a downstairs cloakroom, for example, as well as a larger kitchen or extra living space. Just like a conservatory, an extension can be used for any number of purposes. With more of us working from home, using conservatories or extensions as home offices is a current trend which is set to stay.

Another difference between a conservatory and an extension is that a conservatory is usually treated as a separate room, with doors to divide it from the rest of the house. An extension can be open to the existing house, creating a large open plan space for modern living which is especially popular for a combined kitchen, dining and family room.

If you would like to extend upwards as well as out, you will need to use an extension rather than a conservatory. Unlike conservatories our extensions can extend over more than one storey, allowing you to create an extra bedroom and bathroom space upstairs at the same time as extending the downstairs areas of your property. This is particularly useful for growing families.

Whether you wish to upgrade your existing conservatory or create an extension, our experts at Your Choice have the knowledge and experience to be able to guide you through the process from start to finish, ensuring that you have the ideal solution to suit you, your home and family.

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