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Upgrading your home in 2021: here are some of the best ideas

Do you suffer from ‘Zoombarrassement’? We understand. So does the rest of the country. A plethora of necessary pandemic restrictions began in March 2020. Since then and according to the 2020 Renovation Nation Report, 76% of our fellow citizens have invested in home improvements.

Our concept of home has been turned on its head. Home used to be the place to rest. Today, millions of us are working, educating our children and living at home. We need space, comfort and we want to maximise our property’s value.

Fret not, frazzled friends. We have assembled a snapshot of the top home improvements to upgrade your home in 2021.

Conversions claw back valuable square footage

Remote working and learning has highlighted a dire domestic crisis. We need space! Home conversions are a savvy road to a better work-life balance. Whether installing a garden room as a home office or converting existing areas, home conversions are a popular choice.

Converting your garage

Garage conversions carry a range of short and long term perks, especially if you live in a metropolitan area. You can expect to invest approximately £5,000 to £7,000 for a straightforward conversion, and increase the value of your property by around 15%. If you live in a remote location, get in touch with local estate agents. They’ll be able to confirm whether the added value is worth it.

The potential of a garage conversion provides for your family today and tomorrow. As a separate dwelling, your converted garage will be coveted real estate for a home office, elderly relative or reclusive teenager. Further on down the road, the conversion could provide you with rental income.

In terms of the regulatory fine print, you probably won’t need planning permission. It is of course essential that you check. In most cases, garage conversions are deemed permitted development. You’ll find parking for your car.

Loft conversion

Converting your loft is a great option, with potential profit coming your way if and when you eventually sell. Urban homes can expect up to 30% added value particularly if transforming a bungalow, while countryside properties are looking at
around 15% if you add an ensuite.

Loft conversions fall into two basic categories. An easier financial reach is a roof-light renovation. Minimal alterations are made. You can expect to pay £15,000 to £35,000. Planning permission isn’t usually required.

At the other end of the scale is a mansard conversion. The existing slope of your roof is reshaped to be flat, either on one or both sides. You need planning permission and a budget of £40,000 to £100,000.

Other popular conversions

If you live in London, burrow down and convert your cellar. You’ll add up to 30% value. Other popular conversions include extending your existing kitchen and renovating your bathroom.

Thrifty therapy for ‘Zoombarrassement’

If you’re strapped for conversion cash, here are a couple of inspirational interior ideas to spruce up your space.

  • Give the place a big old spring clean. Declutter.
  • Sell what you don’t need.
  • Use the pennies to purchase rollers and tins of paint for your front door.
  • Don’t forget: what’s known in the trade as kerb appeal adds instant value to your home.

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